Butter London-Knackered *Swatches*

5 years ago

The other day I went shopping out of boredom. Bad idea! I bought a few polishes that I would never even think to buy! I`ll try and post a haul this coming week.

First off I have to start of saying that I`m totally eating my words. I never really liked this duo opal-y purple/green/grey polish. I actually kind of hated it...until now.

I went to Macy`s at a mall in San Jose and they had what seemed like a mini Sephora/Ulta by one of the beauty counters. They had brands like philosophy, cargo, Essie, butter london, and others that I hadn`t heard of. I have never seen this kind of area in a Macy`s before.

I was looking at the <strong>Butter London</strong> display and kind of wanted to purchase a polish. I`ve never owned or even thought about getting a polish from this line because they are pricey. Weeeellll that day was a different day, I felt like splurging.

Looking through the display, there were two colors that caught my eye, <strong>Knackered</strong> and...oh shoot, I forgot the name of the other one...it was sold out anyway, so it was a no.

I still wasn`t sure whether to get it or not because it was $14. The sales girl came up to me and showed me a boxed set that had a base coat, top coat, nail polish remover, a nail file, and you can pick any color of your choice. I was about to tell her no thank you because I had already seen it at Ulta a few hours earlier and saw that it was $39!!! Right before I said no she said <em>"it`s only $25 and since you`re already paying $14 for a single polish, it`s a good deal to get this set."</em> As soon as she said $25 I was sold!

When she rang it up it rang up at $39 and she was a bit confused. I had remember reading at Ulta that the boxed set was $25 with a purchase of a nail color...making it $39. I thought dangit, she got confused on the price and she`s going to want to charge me $39, which in that case I wouldn`t buy it. She stared at the screen for a while trying to figure things out and finally I don`t know what she did that she had to get a managers approval. I thought for sure the manager was going to catch on to her mistake, but nope, the manager was too busy chit chatting with another girl so she just entered her code and bam! $25! Woot!

I kind of feel bad for cheating the girl because when I went to look at the tab when the girl went to get the manager, the display said, just like ultas, <em>"only $25 with a purchase of a nail polish"</em> again making it $39. The box itself said $25 so I think that`s where the girl got confused. I wasn`t going to argue with her though. If she wanted to give me that price, I`ll take it!

What sold me about <strong>Knackered</strong> (besides the deal i got) was that I had never seen anything like it. It is an opal-y purple/green/silver with micro glitters in it. It`s gorgeous!!! Its really sheer, but for some reason I enjoy the sheerness of it. The glitter in it sparkle so nicely. I am in love. There were other gorgeous colors that I could have picked up, but they were mostly all creme colors that I feel can be easily duped. Knackered though, I have seen nothing like it.

In my swatches I used 3 coats. You can still see the tip of the nail a bit, but with so much color and glitter going on its hard to tell unless your staring at my nails.

It was really hard to capture the color change on my nails so I took several shots of the bottle so you can see the color change in it.

I am extremely happy with my first Butter London polish. I haven`t used the other stuff in the set yet so I can`t say if it`s good or bad.

<em>Do you own any Butter London polishes?
What`s the most you`ve spent on a nail polish?</em>

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