Butter Garlic Escargot

4 years ago

One of the best dishes to eat in Montreal, they really know how to make escargots taste amazing there!

Escargots are basically snails and even though it sounds pretty gross, the snails are very delicious to eat, especially when prepared right.

Snails, when baked, have a texture close to mussels. The outer part is very slippery and chewy while the inside is very soft and crumbly.

The one I ordered here was flavored simply with garlic and butter. The snails` shells were first broken in half so it was easier to eat the meat. Then, with the shell side down, it is placed in a dish with circular grooves that fit the snails. They resembled mini cupcake trays.

They are then seasoned with butter and garlic and baked until the snail meat is fully cooked.

The snails were very moist and though the meat does not retain much flavor, the butter and garlic taste was over the top layer. Once you get to the meat, it is very soft and crumbly and had a taste similar to cooked oysters, except must smaller.

They were delicious, though a bit pricey. This appetizer cost me a good $15 USD but it was completely worth it =) I finished the whole thing within 5 minutes.

Have you tried escargots?

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