Butt Toning Exercises!

4 years ago

Here are some simple exercise moves to make your butt look good. You only have to spend about 30/40 minutes a day doing them and you`ll notice some good results in just a few weeks.
Here they are:

1º picture: Kettlebell Swings Start with a light kettlebell in both hands, with your feet hip width apart. Swing the bell toward the back of your body and then thrust your hips and thighs forward while swinging your arms in front. Squat down when you bring it back toward the ground and repeat. Do this three times for 30 or 45-second intervals.

2º picture: Side-Walking Lunges Instead of lunging forward and backward, step out to the side, bend your right knee and lunge sideways. Repeat 10 times, and then switch to your left side.

3º picture: The Hydrant Start out on all fours, and keeping your right knee bent, lift it up to the side until its parallel with your hips (like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant). Do this for 90 seconds on each side, and repeat this rotation three times.

4º picture: The Kickback For 90 seconds, kick your right leg straight out behind you at a 45 degree angle to the floor. Do the same with your left leg. Repeat this three times.

5º picture: The Hip Extension Start out on all fours and, keeping your right leg bent, push it back until its in line with your spine, with your foot and upper thigh parallel to the ceiling. Do this for 90s seconds and then do the same with your left leg.

Thanks for reading and I hope you`ve enjoyed. I know these exercise moves are tiring and most of the days you won`t feel like doing them, but it only takes a few minutes of dedication everyday and I promise you thay it will be worth it in the end. When summer arrives, you will look amazing in your bikini!

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