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2 years ago

I have been in the search for a bigger suit case for over a year now, and it was until a few months ago when Travel pro was running a deal on the Today show that I found what I was looking for. I have a lot of medical equipment I have to take with me when I travel, so I was looking for something just a little bigger then what I was already using. My suitcase at the time was a 21` travel pro, I came across the steals and Deals on the today show and I found a bag that was 25`. I was thinking 4` isn`t that much more, but it`s what I need just a little extra space. The suitcase cost just over $100 after shipping and tax, which is a really good deal for a travel pro. This bag originally costs over $300.
Being that it was a special promotion through the Today Show it took about a month to get the bag, which wasn`t a problem for me at all.
When I got the suitcase I was shocked at how huge it was. I spent a good 5 minutes double checking the tags making sure they sent the right one. That extra 4` was a lot bigger then I thought.
I actually fit inside the bag, and there is extra space after that!
My intention was to sell the suitcase because it was just too much, but I actually started to use it instead. I am proud to say that I do not fill the bag when I travel, but I do appreciate the extra space for gifts. This is a bag that has to be checked, it`s way beyond the size for carry on bags, which I am okay with.
I hate carrying on my suitcase simply because I carry my backpack with me, and that is heavy enough.
All in all I think i`ll get good use out of this over sized suitcase, hopefully I won`t need to buy a new one for a few years, hopefully.
Have you ever purchased something the wrong size?

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