Busou Shinki Battle Masters Mk. 2

4 years ago

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Here comes another quick game review by me! This one is called Busou Shinki Battle Masters Mk. 2. Released in 2011 for the Sony PSP, the game once again has you reprising the roll of the protagonist owner/master from the 1st Battle Masters game as he gets a new Shinki (one of your choice at the beginning of the game) 2 years later and raises her to become a battle Shinki!

Like the 1st Battle master game I have only just begun playing this game so I can`t really give you a full review of the game. But I will do my best to give you a good description and opinion of the game anyway.

The gameplay`s controls are identical of that of the 1st Battle Master`s game. But they did receive some tweaks from the 1st game to allow for slightly more fluid motion and transitions between weapons. So there`s not much else to talk about the controls. Graphics however got a nice boost from the 1st game. Improved character models, better looking BGs, and more fluid dynamic motion animations allowed for better game play and the boost in graphics is also a little easier on the eyes. Battle effects themselves from the weapons also look a lot better and seem a little more realistic. Sound effects also got a bit of a boost. Many are still reused sound effects from other Konami games, however many of them received a revamp and many of the custom sounds made from the 1st game also got a revamp (You can hear the difference clearly in the video). Giving the game better sound effects also vastly improved game play during battles. The soundtrack to the game didn`t exactly received a boost, but got a new track list from the 1st game. The soundtrack to the game can also be found of Amazon.jp, but still it`s a little on the expensive side. The story is nearly identical to that of the 1sat game. You play the owner/master from the 1st game 2 years later as you receive and new Shinki to raise and battle with. This new Shinki can be selected from another list of 12 at the beginning of the game (again there are DLable expansion characters that you can add, but they don`t have stories to them). Again as you raise your Shinki you earn Love Points that improve you Shinki`s specs all around. As you battle and win matches you earn experience points and money points to upgrade and buy your Shibki`s abilities and newer and better armor packs. Once again you battle your way to the top of the Battle Shinki Tournaments to become Battle Shinki Masters.

All in all I`m expecting this game to be as good, of not better, than the 1st. Since I`ve only just begun the 2nd game I`m looking forward to many great battles to come. I do recommend it anyway since the 1st game is already a blast to play. Just hope you can get around the Japanese.

P.S. Even through the video shows English at the beginning, this was just subbed for the Youtube video, there is no English version nor and English patch for the game. Sorry.

Source link: http://www.pspgo1.com/psp-go-news/games-coming-soon/30452.html

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