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Here comes another game review from me! This one is called Busou Shinki Battle Masters! Released in 2010 on the Sony PSP, the game has you playing as the owner of a brand new Shinki (of you own choice). A Shinki is a small robotic figure with her own AI that allows her to interact with her "Master" and other Shinki. As the master/owner you "raise" her to become a battle Shinki and you go through the tournament levels of Shinki battling to become a master Shinki battler.

Now before I get to the game description an stuff I`ll be doing something slightly different this time. Since I am currently in the middle of playing this game I can`t give a FULL description yet so it`ll be like everyone is following along with me as I play it!

The gameplay`s controls are in a simplish layout. From the few battles I`ve been in it looks to play like the many land based Gundam games my brother has, but has a LOT less mechanically inclined movement. It moves more fluid and at a much faster pace. You use the Direction D-pad to walk/dodge and the joystick to run/dodge, you use the different shapes buttons to Jump and use your 3 weapons that you are allowed to use in battle. You use the L and R buttons to lock onto your opponent and to guard. Then there`s the select Button which puts your Shinki into "auto pilot" mode which she takes over her movements while allowing you to focus on which weapons to use. HOWEVER, thou this may seem like a neat idea, if your Shinki isn`t at a high level she will tend to chose the wrong moves at the wrong times and many a time you wind up losing a match becasue of her poor choices (a fact that I learned the hard way already! >.<) Along with the basic controls, once you get use to them you can start using combinations. Different combination of buttons will help you preform more complicated and difficult maneuvers such as extreme evasion and high speed attacks from the air and ground. I`ve only been able to "master" 2 of them so far, but I know I`ll eventually get better at it. Sound effects for the game are very well put together, but if you`ve played other games made by Konomi you`ll notice that some of the sound effects are reused from other games Konomi has made. Some even come from the land based Gundam games my brother likes to play made by Bandai (Kanomi and Bandai do share a lot of things in Japan)! However this doesn`t mean it`s a bad thing. In fact many of the reused sound effects feel right at home in this game as well. The other sound effects that were made for this game fit right in as well. They are simple yet very effective in making the game a very fun game to play (well, so far for me). The sound track to the game so far is very well made. The songs during normal interaction with your Shinki are cute and relaxing, while the songs during battle can get quiet intense. The soundtrack to the game is actually for sale in Japan and you can still get it via Amazon.jp. Although it is a bit on the pricey side. The story to the game is a little simple. As I stated above, you play as the owner/master of a new Shinki of your choice. There are up to 12 different Shinki you can pick from (Although there are expansion characters that you can add, none of them have a story behind them). As the story and battles progress you earn what`s know as "Love Points." No it`s not you or your Shinki falling in love with you or it, it means to show how much love and care you`ve put into your Shinki to make her stronger in battle. These loves points go from 1-20 and each point gives your Shinki a boost in power. So far I`ve earned 5 love points. As you go through battles successfully you earn experience points and "money points" that you can put into better armor and other armor packs. As you can see from the video, armor packs are specialized equipment that you can hook onto your Shinki to help bring out her special abilities more. As you fight your way through the various levels of tournaments you gain respect and eventually earning enough respect will earn you a place into the Grand Shinki Battling Tournament where you battle the most powerful Shinkis there are. If you win, you and your Shinki earn the title of Master Shinki Battlers!

All in all for me so far this is a fun game to play. It`s pretty hard to get past the Language barrier since the game only comes in Japanese, but thankfully the game is easy enough to play that you can adapt and have fun while doing it! This game is very fun so far and I do recommend it to anyone looking to import a game to play on their PSP. Thankfully the PSP is region free so anyone can play it. It`s just getting past the Japanese that takes getting use to.

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