Burt´s Bees Tinted Lip Balm Review

5 years ago

Hey guys! Just wanted to do a small review on one of my favorite lip balms.
I actually had 4 different ones. (Rose, Tigerlily, Honeysuckle, Pink Blossom) But I lost two, (Honeysuckle & Tigerlily) D: Which sucks, because they were one of my favorites. Anyway, these lip balms are these ah-mazing, moisturizing, %100 natural, tinted balms by Burt´s Bees. I only use them on special occasions, because they cost soo much! ($8), so I usually try to save them for as long as I can. I think it would be easier to sum up this product in a list. (: So here are some pros & cons.
1. They come in a variety of colors, ranging from a frosty peach, a creamy pink, to a bloody red. I think there are 6, but I´ve only had 4. Or maybe I have all of them? I´m not sure haha.
2. The tinted color works ah-mazing. The color actually shows up on your lips, so it´s sort of a shiny lipstick. Except for the peach are more nude & make your lips look naturally golden, while the pink makes them look sweetly flushed.
3. I like to put them on my cheeks. Sounds funny, but it actually works as an incredible highlighter. The peach colors just make you look natural, the pink makes you look like your flushing a little bit, & the red looks like a natural blush. Love it.
4. They smell like flowers. The scent is really sweet, not like sugar. But more like a fresh, fruit-y kina of scent.
5. They make your lips really, really soft.

1. They are expensiveee! You can literally buy like 8 Regular Chapsticks for the price of just this one. (a little over $8.)
2. The Rose color is just a little too dark for my liking.

So that´s pretty much it. There are wayy more positives than negatives about this product. So yes, I would totally reccomend it. Just splurg a little money on atleast one stick of balm. I would personally reccomend Honeysuckle or Pink Blossom.
I rate this product 7 out of 10 stars.
xx anna
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