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5 years ago

I decided to switch up the cleansers and moisturizers I was previously using. You see, a few weeks ago I went to the dermatologist and she started me on two oral antibiotics and a prescription for Differin (topical cream). Every time I would wash my face, my cleanser (Clean & Clear) was burning the bajebuz out of my face.... I mean, feeling like I had a chemical burn kind of pain. It wasn`t just a bit tingly or a slight heat... it was BAD! Then even when I`d get out of the shower, my face would still be burning and very, very red and irritated. My moisturizer didn`t help the situation at ALL! It is a moisturizer that has salicylic acid in it (Clean & Clear), which my derm. did tell me to stop using. Well, then I went back to using my Cetaphil moisturizer. That also burned my face. Nothing was helping.

OH, and the meds she has me taking has even started to make my EYELIDS dry, and NO I am absolutely NOT putting the differin on my eyes or even around them... I don`t understand it, but the irritation and extreme dryness has spread to my eyelids. Well, I don`t have an actual eyecream. I`ve dabbled with them here and there but never officially claimed one to use every day. So, I was putting some Cetaphil moisturizing cream over them... OUCHIE!

My dermatologist was telling me to continue using the cleanser, moisturizer, and astringent I was using. Well, after several weeks of my face being on fire, I decided I had to go against what she recommended. There comes a point when you know this is not right for your skin. A doctor`s treatment shouldn`t make you suffer in physical pain.

I concluded the Differin is making my skin become very, very sensitive. I assume all the harsh chemicals in my daily facial routine products were just too much when combined to the prescriptions my dermatologist has me on. Soo, I picked up some items that were natural and gentle. In my other post I showed the cleanser I chose to switch to (Neutrogena Naturals). I still needed a moisturizer and an actual (gentle) eye cream.

I wound up in the Burt`s Bees aisle checking out their selection. I knew they`d be a good choice because of being natural and, typically, gentle. I ended up buying the Burt`s Bees daily moisturizing cream for sensitive skin and their corresponding eye cream for sensitive skin.

I`ve used them two nights now, and while I can`t give a full review... let`s just say that the combo of these two creams plus the Neutrogena cleanser I hauled the other day have not made my face feel like it is up in flames. In fact, there has been zero pain using them and I am still using the Differin and taking the oral medications. I`m hoping this has solved that issue and will do the trick of cleansing/moisturizing and not create any unwanted blemishes or other issues. So far, so good!

Oh, and these are 99% natural, no parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, fragrance free, and hypo-allergenic

My only negative (at this time) is they come with such a tiny amount of product for a semi-higher price tag. More than what I am used to paying for drugstore cleansers and moisturizers, anyway. I`m okay with that, though, if they work.

(OH, and side note: When I bought these I also bought a new light bulb for when I take photos.. hopefully that will also prevent the dingy look some of my pictures had. Judging from this picture it is working)


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