Burning Calories while cleaning the house

4 years ago

A lot of people don`t realize that simple activities help burn quite a bit of calories, such as cleaning the house. In fact, the majority of our calorie burn occurs during our regular activities, and not exercise, which is a common misconception.

I was actually interested to seeing how much I burn on a weekly basis because when I finish cleaning, I`m chock full of sweat and my heart rate is pretty high.

That`s because I vacuum, mop, wipe down every single appliance in my house, clean the bathroom, the toilet, dust every nook and cranny. I`m not just leisurely dusting. I live in a 600 sq. ft. condo and it takes me about 1 hr to clean the entire house every Sunday, 1.5 hrs when I decide to wash all the bedding.

So I was curious to how much I was burning. Yesterday, I burned about 200-250 calories for 1.5 hrs of cleaning. I`m also 5`6 and 98 lbs, so anyone who weighs more than me should be burning a lot more. I also use dailyburn to keep track of my eating and exercising habits.

That doesn`t give you an excuse to eat more though. Just be mindful of how much you eat and burn and you`ll be on the right track to losing weight.

Hope that helps.

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