Burning Buns for Fantastic Assets )

5 years ago

All of us women want a nice toned booty especially with summer coming around we want to look like we have buns of steel going on, well I know I do. I was not blessed with assets so I have to make them myself lol. Here are 5 exercises I do to try and build some buns of steel.

Picture 1 & 2 I like to call the crab walk. From the side I am kind of in a wide squat position and I walk/shuffle for 10-20 steps in one direction and then repeat it on the other side.

Picture 3 & 4 I like to call a side raise. Standing with legs about hip distance apart, I raise one leg up to the side. I wear 2 lb weights when doing this to have more resistance. This will sculpt the sides of your buttocks.

Picture 5 & 6 is the Donkey Kick. Get down on all fours like picture 3 and then kick up to picture 4.

Picture 7 Side raise on all fours. Starting from the position in picture 5 raise your leg up to picture 7.

Picture 8 & 9 While on all fours again extend one leg as shown in picture 8 and bring it in to picture 9.

Picture 10-12 the bridge. Most of you are familiar with this laying on your back with your hands to your sides and then lifting your booty up from the ground. Once you lift contract your buttocks and hold for 5 seconds and return to original position.

After doing these exercises and doing 10 reps on each leg for 3 rounds I guarantee you your buns will be burning, if not your buns are just too cool for these work outs because mine burn baby burn lol. Make sure your back is straight while you are doing these too you do not want to sacrifice form for many reps.

What sorts of exercises do you do to tone your buns?
Do you have buns of steel yet? Mine are getting there. If you do show me your booty j/j.

Pictures are mine and you do not have permission to use them.

I had camel toe in one picture my bad for wearing my running tights lol and the random daisies were to block messes extending from my night stand I couldn`t crop out :p

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