Burned 800 calories...way too much

4 years ago

I know a lot of people are generally concerned about my exercise habits. However, it is very important to note that it consists of me performing my daily chores and 30-60 minutes of exercise (which you are SUPPOSED to do to maintain good health).

Most people tell me that I`m so skinny I don`t need to exercise. That`s not true. Skinny people need exercise as well. Earlier, I had posted about skinny women in their 20s getting diagnosed with Diabetes Type II, a common condition thought to only affect overweight and obese people.

Not true.

The female who was interviewed was in her late 20s and she was within the low range of BMI for her height. She got Type II Diabetes because she didn`t do enough exercise. She ate healthy though, her diet consisted mostly of spinach salads and clean eating. However, doctors warned, the risk was more geared towards inactivity.

For me, my day consisted of:
Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit - 45 minutes
Walking 1 KM to my ultrasound and x-ray appointment
Walking 10+ KM with my friends through Downtown Toronto

Even I know when I burn too many calories, which is why when I noticed I burned a good 800, I had to eat more to maintain the ratio so I can maintain my weight. Which I did in the form of a McFlurry. It`s hot, it`s humid, ice cream is a lot easier to eat in this weather.

A lot of people assume that I post how much calories I burn because I`m trying to lose weight. That`s not true. I post it because I try to show people, it`s VERY easy to burn calories, weight loss is not exceptionally hard. It`s whether you want to do it or not.

Walking 11 KM doesn`t even take long, it`s like a 3 - 4 hour walk, depending on your speed. When you`re out with your friends, that is something that`s VERY EASY to do. Especially when we have a lot to talk about. You just have to learn to be active.

*photo is not mine, check source link*


Source link: http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/life/inside-the-mind/emotions/exercise-happiness.htm

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