Burn calories without going to the gym!

5 years ago

There are a lot of people who actually doesn`t like to make exercise, doesn`t have possibility to pay a personal trainer. So, if you have (or not!) the condicions above, you can spend calories diary too without going to the gym.
These are some suggestions for you to work and spend calories at the same time:

1- During you`re talking at the phone make crunches legs (you will spend 50 calories in 10 minutes)
2- Half an hour supermarket: 100 calories
3 - Vacuuming the house for 1 hour (350 calories)
4 - Take a bath, take a bush plant and go through the whole body (80 calories)
5 - Gardening for 30 minutes (200 calories)
6 - Wash the car (130 calories in 20 minutes)
7 - Climbing stairs for 5 minutes (100 calories)
8 - Dog walking (200 calories in 30 minutes)
9 - Dusting of furniture (150 calories in 30 minutes)
10 - Walk whenever possible, to go to work for the restaurant or walk to the mailbox. (You can spend up to 300 calories in 30 minutes)
11. Make an arrangement to your wardrobe. Try all the clothes (130 calories in 30 minutes of activity)
12. Walking in the mall, seeing windows (250 calories in 30 minutes)
13. Massaging (250-300 calories in 30 minutes)
14. Take care of your beauty. Take a shower, dry hair, go in the body and face creams and wipe out (110 calories in 30 minutes)
15. While watching tv, do abdominal exercises for 30 minutes( spend 120 calories)
16. Play with your children (you can spend up to 150 calories)
17. Wake up excited for the weekend, put a song that you like and dance for 30 minutes (expending 300 calories)
18. Washing for 30 minutes (200 calories)
19. Prepare a special dinner: 110 calories in 30 minutes.

So, the important is work and don`t stop!

Source link: http://runnersworld.abril.com.br/noticias/melhore-seu-coracao-minutos-273168_p.shtml

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