Burger King

5 years ago

Ok, this looks crazy good! But have you guys ever heard of the saying, "Foods that taste good are bad for you"? That`s true for some food...well fast food is bad for you in general. I`ve been craving for a whopper from burger king and large fries so since I`m trying to stay away from fast food I thought I`d look it up instead. Yeah I know, why am I torturing myself? Did you guys know that a whopper is around 670 calories?! Large fries are around 450 calories! Hoy, why do you guys have to be soo fattening?! Why? Just a heads up, if you guys try to be healthy and stay away from soda so you order orange juice instead you`re still adding an extra 231 calories. So if I were to go into burger king I would order a whopper and large fries and buy some water, but I`m still looking at 1120 calories!! -_- Oh my lord... so sad. LOL
-Did you guys fall out of your chairs after finding that out?
I guess I can`t really be surprised because we all know fast foods are bad for you, but why do they have to taste so good?!
Thanks for reading! ^^
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