Burberry Men`s long coat: Hit or Miss?

Hi Luuuxers. I got this image off the Neiman Marcus website. It is a Burberry coat. I was recently introduced to the Burberry brand/designer name clothing.

I don`t have a local Burberry. So that`s why I had not heard about it before. My friend and I had a road trip to San Francisco. On the way over there we had to stop at Vacaville. And that`s where there was a Burberry outlet.

I didn`t really like what was in that Burberry location. Maybe because it was an outlet and everything that didn`t really sell before was in there for a reason. But I guess you could say I saw this as another brand like Louis Vuitton that has a particular brand/logo pattern to it that is to be well known.

But anyways. I do love this coat (in the picture). I wish I could have a Neiman Marcus in my city so I could go check it out later. I love the color and the length!


Source link: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/templates/siloSC.jhtml?itemId=cat000470&parentId=cat000000&siloId=cat000470&navid=topN

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