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I gotta say, I`ve been splurging a bit with my makeup haulage lately, I guess it`s in preparation for my self imposed no buy until at least November. I`m not gonna lie and say it`s a 100% strict one, meaning - I might buy a (cheap) nail polish here and a (cheap) lipstick there. I just came to the realization - as I attempted to find room in my vanity for all the things I`ve bought - that I have a lot of makeup for someone who is not a professional MUA, who doesn`t do YT videos, who isn`t a full blown blogger like you know, the "big ones". I just really need to fully enjoy and use and dare I say it, even hit pan on something ! but anyways, enough about me, let`s get to the makeup !!!

I can honestly say I blame two of these on temptalia LOL oh she has the most beautiful pictures and her reviews are so thorough and wonderful, I could not stay away from a couple of items from the spring collection. first - the gloss !!!

ok seriously now, how freaking gorgeous is this color ??? I know it`s quite vibrant and pink, but it`s a blue based pink with even a little blue irridecense running through it. beautiful. this gloss is part of their spring 2013 collection, I have no clue if it will become part of their permanent line.

it`s funny, it looks rather pink in the pan, a lot like the gloss even, but when I swatched it (in person) I could really see the coral in it. I am in love, which as you know, is very dangerous to a makeupaholic and even more so when it`s a high end brand, yeah, ouch !

I had been itching to buy a Burberry lipstick, but online swatches are so deceiving and I simply could not decide on the shade I truly wanted, since you know, they all look so amazing. I asked the MUA for a nude one, one that wouldn`t wash me out and out of the three she picked out, this is the one I loved the most. it`s a peachy/pink/nude shade so it gives my face enough warmth and it makes my lips look so good.

now, I happen to enjoy scented makeup, when it`s a nice scent and not over the top. to me, Burberry kinda smells like roses, it`s a strong scent but not to where it drives me crazy. the MUA also tried on the velvet foundation on me and gave me a sample, I have a feeling she needs glasses because the shade she gave me is DARK, or maybe it was just her application/blending. I`ll be trying it out soon and see how that works out.

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