Bullseye Buckeye homemade candy

4 years ago

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<div style="RIGHT: auto">I was talking to my coworker while out on our walk about cooking, baking, etc.&nbsp; We started talking about the best homemade desserts and turns out one of the candy`s I said&nbsp;like she makes but with a twist. A week later she brought some in and it was really good!</div>
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<div style="RIGHT: auto">This is a bulleye or a buckeye dependent upon what you grew up/learned to call them.&nbsp; They really remind me of a homemade peanut butter cup because it`s made with peanut butter, butter and powder sugar which is rolled up into balls and then dipped into melted chocolate.&nbsp; They comein different varities.&nbsp; Some have a "thumb" print where you can see the peanut butter inside, some are completely encased in chocolate -- it all depends on how you want to make them and/or what you want to call them.&nbsp; Although these right here are made with some shredded coconut in them. Amazing twist!&nbsp; You got the delicious PB taste but then you got a little grittiness from the coconut.&nbsp; Soo good!&nbsp; Definitely a delicious afternoon snack.</div>
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<div style="RIGHT: auto">QUESTION:</div>
<div style="RIGHT: auto">Have you ever had a buckeye/bullseye?<var></var></div>
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<div style="RIGHT: auto">Image is mine do not take or use. Thank you.</div>
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