Bullied 14-Year-Old Girl Gets Plastic Surgery

4 years ago

I was on Yahoo and this story was on the front page. Apparently this girl who is only 14 years old got 40,000 dollars worth of plastic surgery to fix her ears, nose, and chin. In my opinion I believe this plastic surgery was just sad and unnecessary since the girl is only 14 years old. Maybe if she was older I would understand why she would want to change her looks but she`s only 14 years old. She hasn`t even grown into her looks and already she wants to change them. Maybe I`m a little biased when it comes to plastic surgery because I don`t believe anyone should get plastic surgery since they should love themselves for how they look naturally but I think it`s sad. I mean the girl doesn`t think she`s pretty because of her ears but was the pain of the plastic surgery really worth it? Yes I know it was free but still I believe the plastic surgery was a little extreme. In my opinion I believe her ears were fine but I can see why she wanted plastic surgery for them. But was the plastic surgery for her nose and chin really necessary? All in all, it`s the girl`s life and at the end of the day it`s her body and it was her decision to get that plastic surgery. I say if she`s truly happy then good for her.

Thoughts? Is 14 years old too young for plastic surgery?

Source link: http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/bullied-14-old-girl-gets-plastic-surgery-fix-110322837--abc-news-health.html

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