BukHanSan National Park, S. Korea

5 years ago

This past summer, I spent a few weeks in S. Korea and my boyfriend and I decided to go hiking in a popular national park. There are a bunch of different paths/mountains you can choose from. Some are used only for rock climbing, so that was pretty cool so see tiny people just hanging there on the mountains.

I consider myself pretty fit and athletic. I`ve played tennis my entire life and I play for my college team. So I wasn`t too worried about hiking up a mountain. I thought it would be a breeze..I was so wrong haha. Also, there aren`t any man made paths, so it was pretty rocky in the first half and I would definitely recommend people with bad ankles to wear braces. The second half of the trip is all just uphill and steep so you really have to watch your footing, especially where the path is near water. Every now and then, there`s a stream or spring by the path so it was really nice to just cool off and wash your face before going on. But it was also a little dangerous when you`re climbing uphill while the ground is damp.

Making it to the top of the peak was so rewarding. I`m not sure if we climbed the highest peak in the park, but it was pretty high. You could see all of Seoul from the top and there are a bunch of dragonflies just flying around there. So that was really neat. The view was amazing and pictures do no justice for how incredible it is.

Have you ever climbed here? Where are your favorite spots to climb?

*photos are mine*

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