Building the ferret hutch

4 years ago

After two weeks of looking for scrap plywood I finally gave in and went to B&Q to spend a ridiculous price of 20 quid for 4 X4 sheet of plywood. The price is unbelievable, I sometimes work in construction labouring for my Ole` man and plywood is lying everywhere and you are told to take it haha. Anyways, so i bought this plywood and i finally kicked on with the Ferret hutch, its really well put together and has a strong build. My father owned ferrets for years and he always told me ferrets prefer to run length ways rather than up and down, I didnt listen to him and bought a mesh cage which was 5ft tall and 3 foot wide. Little did i know how hard it would be to clean out, don listen to all the things on the internet, after moving the ferrets to the hutch outside they seem to be alot more lively and have more space to play with each other. Really pleased that i finished the hutch in time before winter :D Anybody else built their own hutch ? or looking for advice then comment below, thanks for reading guys :D

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