Bugles How I`ve Missed You

2 years ago

When I was a child, I remember seeing Bugles all the time in various flavours. However a few years ago, I realized that they weren`t being sold any more and was curious as to why I haven`t seen them around anywhere. So I decided to go online and find if they were discontinued in Canada, and it said they were no longer sold starting in early 2010, and were brought back for sale in late 2011...it`s been three years since that announcement and I`ve finally spotted them!

Sadly there were only two flavours to choose from, Original and Nacho Cheese. I decided to get a bag of the Nacho Cheese flavoured ones. And the most disappointing thing was that the size of the bag was snack sized, like you would find from a vending machine. I find it strange that I can`t find the regular sized bags anywhere. And I wonder why there is only two flavours sold. But overall I`m really happy to have found these again! It brings back memories of me as a child putting these on my fingertips and pretending they were claws ha.

Do you have Bugles where you live?

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