Bugio Fortress - Portugal

5 years ago

Portugal is a country that exists since the XII century... This means that during almost nine centuries, the country has been through a lot of battler to maintain its independence, due to all these fights and battles, it is normal to see castles, fortresses, and old city walls scattered all along the country, even on the most unexpected places, like it is the case of this fortress, installed near the mouth of the river that crosses the Portuguese capital.

It was firstly built in 1578, so, the main structure is something like 524 years old... Like it is expected in this kind of structures it was destroyed and rebuilt tens of times due to all the battles... Now, after all those years, it was redesigned to be a lighthouse. And it is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the country, specially because of the little island where it stands on and all the surrounding landscape.

It is not easy to find a way to visit this lighthouse since it is located in a place with very strong river currents, which makes it very hard to drive a ship until there. But if you ever visit Portugal and you`re a fan of this kind of medieval buildings, make sure that you at least try to visit this old fortress.

So, have you ever visited a place like this? Are you an appreciator of this kind of medieval buildings?

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