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4 years ago

The guy in the picture above is Bucky Roberts. He is so awesome! His website is all about technology (for the most part). You can learn all these great technological things like Maya, android development, java, iphone app development, aftter effects, photoshop, build a computer, c++, cocos, ruby, just about anything. He has also gotten into physics and chemistry and stuff like that. His webpage thenewboston .org has been my favorite for about a year now. I really love the easy going attitude he uses to teach these very complex ideas. This is definately not a quick "I don`t understand what the heck they are trying to teach me", but he does some really in-depth videos that teach you how to apply these different types of software. I would totally encourage you to check him out. There are hundreds and hundreds of videos in each topic , so you won`t get left hanging in a subject. Bucky is really easy to get in contact with, he makes every effort to reply to posts and comments. He has helped me better than my college professors with subjects like Jave development, Ruby, and C++.
Like I said I don`t know bucky personally I am just a fan of a youtuber that I just happen to fall upon one day while I was searching for help with a class I was in. Feel free to make suggestions to him, he is very cool about responding (don`t be surprised if he responds within a video). Oh theres another guy he uses for , i think android development and he is good too, he just repeats a specific phrase all the time (I`m not going to tell you what it is ... hehe)

Source link: http://thenewboston.org/tutorials.php

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