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4 years ago

I know Bubble tea is a very famous drink. It`s a tea-based drink with some pearls. So I live in the Netherlands and you can get it at a big city. There are only a few places that sells bubble tea and those places were pretty far from my hometown. I`m so lucky that they opened a place near by my hometown! It`s called BubbleQ and you can find this place in the city Arnhem. It has been a couple of months since they opened the place but I haven`t had any time to get one till last month. I came in the evening with my friend and they didn`t have the flavours that I wanted.. So I chose as base Coffee and as flavour Mocca. The topping are the pearls and I chose litchi. Yumm! The litchi was so good, it was a popping pearl. (First picture, the left one) My friend chose as base bubble tea (green tea) and as flavor Passion fruit with aloe vera as topping. This one tasted so good that I bought the same one for my sister. The only thing I didn`t like was the jelly aloe vera. I think I would like it more if it was a popping pearl or just a pearl.

One week later I went shopping with my friend in Arnhem and I had to take him to this place. They didn`t had the base Yoghurt last time and I really wanted to try it so let`s try it again! Yes, they had yoghurt so I choose as base yoghurt and as flavour peach with popping pearl mango. I liked the yoghurt base very much but the mango was alright.

The place BubbleQ is a cozy place where you can meet with your friends. The people who work there are nice and I would definitely come there again. I`m kinda addicted with the base yoghurt and the popping pearls! Seriously I`m like going there every week.. haha. Well what do you think of Bubble tea? Have you ever tried this?

*Pictures are taken by me

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