Bubble Tea- Strawberry amp Peach

4 years ago

I haven`t visit one of my favorite bubble tea shop in the longest time since Summer August 2012 so when I had the opportunity to stop by to get some drinks I went a little crazy. I got two bubble teas in the largest cup size they had. Since these are around 4$ each they didn`t hurt my wallet, but I can guarantee you they did damage with major brain freeze and since that particular day was quite cold I was shaking after I finished these 2 drinks. It was freezing my whole body up! Haha :P, besides that I really did enjoy the drinks and would definitely go for a round 2 even though it may not be the smartest idea. My favorite of the two is no suprise the strawberry bubble tea. I can`t get enough of strawberries in general, however since everyone raved about this new peach flavor I just had to try it for myself to see if this could be my new favorite drink. Sadly, it was not, but buying bubble tea in general often offers delicious refreshments. This peach flavor did contain small strawberry chunks as well as the main ingredient peaches but it just didn`t have that refreshing taste to the drink as the strawberry did. The reason why I really love this particular bubble tea shop is because their drinks are made with real fruits and no artifical fruit powder! If you ever been here you would know that there is always a long line outside this store for their refreshments! They serve drinks like hot pockets though so no worries you won`t have to wait too long. I can`t wait to return, I`m actually coming back tomorrow after a dinner with 2 friends for Crawfish so expect more blog post :)!
<Strong> What do you think of Bubble Tea? Have you tried Peach flavored bubble tea? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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