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4 years ago

/viz/weekend-pack-giveaway ****INFO ON THE BOX**** An innovative sheet-form transparent facial mask composed mainly of ingredients including natural extracts and collagen. In only 10-20minutes, the ingredients condensed on the crystal mask will be gradually dissolved under body temperature and be absorbed directly by the skin cells through expanded pores, resizing from 2mm1mm, the ingredients of the product access skin cells directly through expanded pores, supplementing skin with indigenous ingredients like collagen and moisturising factors; providing effects including deep whitening, lightening & beautifying, high-performance moisturising, pores minimising and collagen supplementing. What is difference between BSCs New 2in1 Crystal Mask and ordinary sheet masks? Appearance: Transparent collagen mask, Crystal clear in appearance. Convenience: Transparent masks are supported by plastic trays and can be easily removed from their packaging. Absorption: the mask is made of plant collagen. It will gradually dissolve under body temperature and permeate into the skin. Effectiveness: Ingredients used are taken from nature, the compositions of which are very close to that of the human skin tissue. With high-density plant collagen and transparent mask releasing technology, the ingredients can be quickly absorbed by skin and deliver whitening, moisturising and pore-tightening effects. ************************************************ ****MY THOUGHTS**** I was really excited to try these out because I have only ever used a sheet type mask and wash off masks so I was really curious about the effectiveness of these. The first big difference is the price. These can get quite pricy depending on brand and what materials they claim to use [I`ve seen some with gold flakes in them lol] but the brand I went for is BSC which is made in Japan. I picked up the one focusing on whitening but also deals with hydration, pores etc as said above and hence the 5 in 1. I managed to buy this online from when they were having their buy 1 get 1 free promotion. Each box has 5 masks in it. The mask itself is a jelly like texture and comes in 2 parts. The individual sachet/packet is actually quite big as you can see from the photo its about the size of my laptop keyboard [i use a 15.4 laptop] So far I have used this mask twice since I purchased it. Each part comes folded in half on a tray and saturated with essence and there is A LOT of essence! The first time I used it I didn`t really take into consideration how much essence was in the packet so once I slapped it on my face i was dripping EVERY WHERE @_@ so 2nd time around i made sure to tip all the essence to the bottom before taking the tray containing the jelly goodness out and actually saved the essence in a bottle. The essence from both sides of the packet was about 15-20mL which is quite a lot. I use this just as any other essence/serum between masks. Shouldn`t leave it to waste after all! Since the parts come folded in half I was really worried I`d rip/poke a hole easily in the jelly substance of the mask BUT surprisingly it is quite a dense jelly that poking with a finger or lifting it up won`t cause it to break apart. However once on the face I find the disadvantages are the inability to conform to your facial contours as well as a sheet mask can e.g. around your chin/nose area. Mostly with sheet masks I pop them on and can run around the house doing whatever needs to be doing but with these it is better to lie down as they are heavier and tend to slide if you are sitting upright. As for the results! *drumroll* I was super impressed almost to the point of being freaked out lol there was an instant brightening result, the most noticable I have come across after using so many different masks. The mask itself doesn`t reach all the way to my hairline so when i took off the mask there was a clear mark... like when you get a sunglass tan if you know what I mean. So I was amazed by the results but freaking out because I don`t want a permanant mask line!! thankfully it went away, i used the leftover essence to go over parts the mask didn`t cover. As with a lot of masks your skin feels and looks the best straight after but the true test is the next day. Although the huge brightening effect had evened out, by the next day overall I still think there was a noticable change in my complexion. My mum definately noticed the difference. The mask doesn`t completely absorb into your skin but I did notice that it was a little thinner when I took it off. Overall I think this is a great mask. It worked well for me and I`ll continue using it but probably not as much as my sheet masks since I liek to do a mask every 2-3 days and I`d probably go broke using these ones that often. Definately give them a try if you have the chance. Keep a look out for deals/promotions on Sorry if this was a lot of information to digest!! ***All photos are my own and taken by me*** skin

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