B`s review - Resident Evil Retribution

4 years ago

As much as I loved the first 3 movies of the Resident Evil series, this movie was not that as great as I imagined.

During the first 3 movies, Resident Evil, Resident Evil Apocalypse and Resident Evil Extinction, there were solid story lines and the action complimented it.

For this one, there was a lot of action but not much plot to it even though the main characters from the game, Ada Wong and Leon, were both present.

At first I was hyped up that Rain, Jill and Carlos came back, but their presence was pretty lacking and there was almost no character development.

The action was amazing and I really recommend people watching it in 3D. However, for those looking for more plot, this movie is not the one.

It was only 90 minutes long, which is a bit longer than Priest, which is another action film.

If you`re looking for pure action, this is a great movie that`s worth paying the price for 3D glasses. However, if you`re looking more for a continuation of the Resident Evil series and was looking for something like the First and Second movies, this would probably disappoint you.

You will also see why the opening punch line "Evil goes Global" is highly misleading.

Hope that helps.

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