Bruxie`s Chicken amp Waffle

4 years ago

i ordered the buttermilk chicken and waffle for a late lunch today, and i was really pleased! this was my first time having a chicken-and-waffle type meal. it`s not like roscoe`s where the two components are separate. at bruxie`s, they serve the waffle like a hamburger bun and the chicken is in between the two halves of the waffle. on the chicken is some chili honey and also sandwiched in the waffle is some cider coleslaw.

normally when i get fried chicken, i take some napkins and i try to absorb the oil if i notice that it`s a little shiny; i don`t want to eat all of that and have it go straight to my thighs! so i did the same today because you can tell even in the photo above, there was a pool of something on that chicken!! i didn`t realize this was the chili honey so then i was really confused as to why the "oil" was so sticky :P i had to go back and read the menu again and i realized that i had just tried to soak off some honey.

i`ve heard about this place for a really long time and i was really excited to try it, but i felt like it was a bit of a letdown. i didn`t really like the flavors. i didn`t like how the chicken, coleslaw, and chili honey came together. all of them individually are quite lovely but i didn`t like the integration enough.

wow, at this point, i feel like a judge on "chopped" complaining about how some random flavors don`t come together well enough.

i want to try chicken & waffles again and i might even trek it out to roscoe`s, but i don`t know if i`ll be back to bruxie`s any time soon.

do you like chicken & waffles?

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