Brunch: Pepper amp Onion Omelet

4 years ago

I cooked up this onion and pepper omelet this weekend for my boyfriend and I. Well, really, it was a bit of a brunch since it finished cooking around 11 and it tied us over well into the late afternoon. It was actually a pretty gigantic omelet so we split it and ate it with some toast and were happy campers. I generally dont eat omelets, but for some reason I really wanted an egg, so an egg is what I got. I started off by spraying my frying pan with some Pam and added a teaspoon of olive oil. I let it spread in the pan while I beat 2 whole eggs, black pepper, a dash of salt and ½ cup of eggbeaters. When combined I poured this egg mixture into the heating skillet and then added in some sautéed peppers and onions I had cooked previously. I let it cook, swirling the pan to get the eggy mixture from the top around the sides. When it was 95% cooked thru I folded it over and squeezed the ever living heck out of it (because I hate when its still kind of runny and raw when you go to eat it). Cooking it on both sides a little longer. The outside got a little crunch to it, which is exactly how I like my eggs dead ;). My boyfriend likes them crispy as long as they are cooked in olive oil plus he also doesnt like when the inside isnt cooked all the way thru. I ate mine with some saracha and ketchup my boyfriend ate his straight as it was with some toast.

How do you like your omelets?

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