Brunch at Cheesecake Factory

This last week my parents and I ate at so many different places because they were here to visit me so we had a little vacation.

My mom was craving pancakes really bad so we were going to go to International House Of Pancakes a.k.a IHOP; however, my stupid GPS on my blackberry led us to two different IHOP places but they were not IHOP. One was a cafe and the other of a Chinese Restaurant. So then, we decided to head downtown and we ate at a foodcourt over there so we were like let`s go there but they were closed. Then I was like let`s go have some Pho Noodles so we walked there and it was closed too! We were all getting so frustrated walking around town and being so hungry! We took the free mall ride to the other end of the outside mall and we came across The Cheesecake Factory. We decided to eat there since we seen a bunch of people eating there.

The atmosphere at the Cheesecake Factory is so fancy and nice. Their menu is like 20 pages long! They have all sorts of food there that you can imagine. We decided to order from the Brunch menu and some appetizers to start with.

For the appetizers we ordered calamari and tuna tataki roll. The calamari was so tender and it had a nice light crispy batter around it. It was served with two different dipping sauces: Garlic Aioli and Ketchup/Horseradish. The tuna tataki roll was made with raw tuna wrapped in salad and seaweed and was quickly deep fried in a light batter. This was served with a light soy sauce sesame dipping sauce. For our main dishes, my mom got lemon ricotta pancakes which was light and fluffy and the lemon syrup was to die for! My dad ordered the Baja Chicken Hash with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce and I ordered the Crab Hash with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Their food was super flavorful and there was A LOT of food! My mom managed to finished her pancakes and she was happy she finally got them but me and my dad had to take our food away.

Of course we can`t leave the Cheesecake Factory without getting a cheesecake so we ordered the Original Cheesecake with cherry preserves to go. This cheesecake was absolutely heavenly. This is what a cheesecake should taste like. If you have never been the the Cheesecake Factory and had a cheesecake from there it is definitely worth it to go visit this restaurant. Even if you are not a dessert fan their food is really tasty and well seasoned.

Have you guys ever been to the Cheesecake Factory?

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