Bruce Jenner found out about Kim divorcing on TV

5 years ago

How messed up is your family if your step dad finds out you`re getting divorced on the news? Apparently that`s how Bruce Jenner, Kim Kardashians step dad found out about Kim and Kris Humphries divorcing. He had heard phone calls and what not in the other room, but no one in the family told him and he had to find out this way. I know my friends and a bunch of my relatives found out I got engaged through the facebook because we weren`t exactly going to call everyone and be like "OMG we`re engaged!" while we were in Hawaii. But my parents/his would`ve gotten around to telling everyone, but I did tell my parents first and so did the man. I think it`s quite strange that no one in the family said anything to him and he had to find out on the tv.

Would you ever do this to a family member regardless of if it were good or bad news keep someone in the dark and have them find out through other means through other people?
Do you think this is a little messed up and dysfunctional?

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