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Your former U.S. track and field athlete who won the gold medal in the decathlon back in 1976 life has taken it turn. Recently a cover of the In Touch Weekly magazine was released with a cover of Bruce Jenner. It wasn`t a picture of his success he accomplished many years ago, but a picture as a woman. Tabloids would love to do anything to spice up their job by making other people look bad.
Honestly, I don`t know what Bruce Jenner is trying to improve, but this is bad.

As you can see on the cover In Touch Weekly magazine Bruce Jenner was photoshop into a woman. Besides a normal picture of him they photoshop Bruce Jenner wearing lipstick, blush and overrated over plucked eyebrows. The make things worse they titled it `My Life As a Woman.` They also added women clothes to his horrible, horrible cover. Ever since his split with Kris Jenner he was spotted with painted nails and long hair. Also I would like to add his face looks like he got something done or added because it looks so plastic like.

My thoughts:
I don`t blame him if he`s going through tough time with his nasty divorce. Maybe he`s just want to be him for once without having Kris Jenner up his butt. I understand he wants to be himself, but the nail polishes thing sorta threw me off. Seriously...

With the magazine cover wise I feel bad for the guy, but what can we do? His whole entire families are always on the hot subject in the magazine anyways. It was wrong for the magazine to play Bruce Jenner like that. I mean I don`t think he did anything wrong for them to write or edit his pictures like that. I wonder what is going through his mind right now. He`s probably hurting big time. Life gets tougher.

1. Do you think Bruce Jenner is crying for help?
2. What was going through your mind when you saw his nails was painted?

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