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4 years ago

Brownie Brittle is this little creation I stumbled upon almost a year ago. My local grocery store has been selling the chocolate chip variety for probably, at least a year and I had been hooked from the moment I tried it. On the back of the package the Sheila G brand advertised a walnut and toffee version and I had never been able to find it until a number of weeks ago. I was shopping at The Christmas Tree Shop and stumbled upon both the walnut AND toffee variety! They both made a home in my carriage until I got to check-out. Firstly, let me say Brownie Brittle is a life altering experience (haha). No, really it is. Whoever thought to take brownie batter and to make it into a thin, crisp layer to imitate a crisp cookie is a genius and I want to give them a hug. You get that nice chocolate flavor you get from brownies, but its very crispy and crunchy. The walnuts give it a nice woodsy flavoring which adds a little more crunch. Theyre a perfect snack and totally delicious. And the greatest part? 6 pieces is a serving. So it takes something thats sinful (a brownie) and makes it into this genius little serving where you feel like youre having more than you should for a very limited amount of calories. Genius! If youre a brownie fan or even a crispy cookie fan I would suggest getting your hands on these. Theyre 3 points plus values for a serving. QUESTION: Have you ever had brownie brittle? Image is mine do not take or use. Thank you.
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