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4 years ago

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So I went on a short trip with a friend of mine to NYC. We went to visit a few friends and had a great time. I`m sad that we weren`t able to stay longer. It was my first time in NYC, and definitely won`t be my last. I didn`t really have any plans for what I wanted to do. There was an accident with one of the subway trains, so we weren`t able to go to one of the Museums, so we went shopping instead. I`ll post of those hauls at a later time.

We stopped by Brooklyn Diner, and ordered burgers. All 4 of us. We wanted something else, but their freezer broke, and they ended up being sold out or just out of half of their menu! They didn`t even bother to tell us until after we were seated and wanted to order. We were not impressed with that. But onto the actual burger, it was really good and incredibly greasy! I don`t think I`ve ever eaten such a greasy burger. But it was delicious. The fries were fresh, and the bun was so soft. I would want to have the burger again, but we didn`t like the experience there. When we were leaving, we saw the table beside us order something that we originally wanted! What is up with that? So because of that, we will not go back.

Brooklyn Diner is in Times Square. I would recommend them for their burger. Though I found it weird that the restaurant was Diner themed, yet the servers were dressed so well. It was almost too elegant. I know they do that, so they can jack up their prices, but the theme just clashed. The well dressed servers, serving wine, etc just seemed out of place in the Diner.

What is the best burger you`ve ever had? And from where? Have you been to Brooklyn Diner before? Thoughts?

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