Brooklyn Blackout Chocolate Rose Cupcakes

4 years ago

Haha could the name get any longer!? So this was my first time trying out the Brooklyn Blackout recipe I have from one of my cookbooks (the hummingbird bakery cookbook), my second time being when I made the blueberry version of it in actual cake form (can be found in a different post :) ) But I added an ingredient to the recipe- rose water. I had just found some at the store and was eager to try, and had read in some of my other cake books that rose water and chocolate goes well together, so I added in Two tablespoons of rosewater to the egg before I beat it into the batter. It turned out deliciously a very moist cake, I could smell the rose when I opened the oven door! The rose water added some sweet flavor to it that I honestly don`t know how to describe! It was good, and I highly recommend it, that`s all I an say! I also invited some friends over and I taught them how to make some gumpaste flowers haha can you guess which two were made by my friends? It was lots and lots of fun after the flowers were made I dusted on some petal dust for color and topped them onto the cupcakes as they were chocolate rose cupcakes. :) haha Thing was only 6 of the cupcakes ended up being decorated with flowers because of the 12 cupcakes that came out of the oven 6 were stolen and eaten by a few more friends who stopped by later in the day before they had a chance to be decorated haha

What is your take on rose water into chocolate cupcakes? Have you ever tried rose water, what are your thoughts on it? Have you ever made gumpaste roses? what about fondant ones? I have yet to find a good fondant recipe, but I did find a spectacular gumpaste recipe! Come to think of it I should make a post on said gumpaste recipe haha, but I have just recently made two batches of gumpaste and have missed out on taking pictures of the process. I will have to wait till I need to make more gumpaste and take pictures! :D

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