Broccoli Rabe Fettuccine

2 years ago

Broccoli Rabe Fettuccine

Hey luuuxers,

My sister was making eggplant parmesan for our family the other day. She spent a few hours prepping and cooking everything.

However as she was coming close to finishing the dish, she realized that she didn`t make a side, and asked me to make a pasta or rice dish to accompany it!

It was a little last minute so I needed something simple. Luckily, I had just bought some broccoli rabe earlier that day. Broccoli rabe, also known as rapini, is popular in Italian cuisine. It`s a little bitter, and the buds resemble broccoli florets, so I think of it as a cross between kale and broccoli. We also had a ton of cherry tomatoes so I included those as well.

I put water to boil, and in the meanwhile minced some garlic. After the water was boiling, I threw in some fettuccine to cook, and got started on the veggies.

I look a large, deep pan, and added enough olive oil to coat the bottom, on med heat. I added the garlic and when it just started to brown, I added the broccoli rabe that I had washed and cut into thirds. I also added salt and a generous amount of black pepper. I let the rabe cook down and by then, my pasta was ready. I added the cherry tomatoes that had been sliced in half and tossed them with the rabe for just a minute before adding the drained pasta.

I was hoping to also add some red pepper flakes, but we were all out, so I added some other seasonings including dried parsley, oregano and basil. For heat, I took some sriracha sauce and a tiny bit of water and mixed them in a bowl before pouring over the dish. I tossed it all together, and by the time the eggplant parm was done cooking in the oven, the pasta was also ready to serve.

I was able to make it all in under 30 minutes! And not to detract from my sister`s dish, but the pasta seemed to be a bigger hit with my family :P!

I`m totally going to be making this dish again soon, since my entire family loved it!


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