Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Pedicure amp Nicole Scherzinge

Broadway Nails has truly changed the world of Press-On nails with their latest innovation, imPRESS Press-On Manicure. The fun containers resemble nail polish bottles and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Just in time for summer, they are releasing two limited edition collections- the imPRESS Press-On Pedicure and the Nicole Scherzinger Collectionof imPRESS Press-On Manicure designs. Both sets come with a nail buffer and prep pad in the box. Both collections will be available starting in June 2012.

Ill start off with the new Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Pedicure ($8.99 CAD $10.99 CAD), shown here in iCandy (french tips). I was the most skeptical about these press-on toe nails (and so were you guys)! The pedicure nails differ from the manicure nails in a few ways obviously, they are shaped differently to fit the toe. They are much wider and shorter, and the size range is impressive (I have extremely tiny toenails, so I wasnt sure if these were going to be right for me). Secondly, the smaller toe nails have tabs on them, which display their number (there are 12 different sizes of nails, numbered 0-11) and are super handy for actually placing the nail on your toe (in fact, I wish all the imPRESS nails had this tab)! The tab breaks off cleanly and I didnt even have to file it down.

I had a little more trouble than usual removing the plastic (covering the adhesive) than usual, but I think they are just a little more difficult in general to work with because they are so small. I honestly thought I was going to hate them but seriously, I kinda like them. French tip design aside (im not really a fan of french tip toes), they actually look quite nice on my feet and really do give a polished look. I think that these wont be for everyone though- because toe shape and curve varies so much (they are a little too round at the cuticle of my big toe but its not that noticeable). Just a word of advice though, be careful when putting on shoes the only feeling worse than snagging a toenail is snagging a press-on toe nail. Warning: a photo of my feet is coming up.


The Nicole Scherzinger Press-On Manicure Collection ($8.99 CAD $10.99 CAD) is simply a limited edition set of designs created by Nicole herself, and named after her songs. The nails are pretty much the exact same as the ones in the regular line. Since reviewing the manicure sets the first time, Ive really grown to love them. Ive bought several sets since then, and I wear them often! Im a huge fan of how easy they are to apply, and the fact the adhesive is incredibly strong (they stick on my nails for a good 5-6 days). With zero dry time, I can put on a full set in just a few minutes, and the length is perfect for my petite nails. Having a selection of twelve different sizes really helps to find the perfect match- and just a tip, the brand recommends going a size smaller instead of larger if youre unsure- the flexible nails spread out and fit to your nails when you press and smooth them on. But above all, my favorite part? Super simple to remove- just peel them off gently and slowly from the side.

The Nicole Scherzinger collection features nine different styles in both solid colors and patterns. Im wearing Baby Love right now, and I think they are gorgeous (although I might mix them with plain french tips, as all 10 fingers with this design looks a little overwhelming)- but thats just another cool thing about these manicures, you can mix and match styles to create something unique!


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