Broadway Nails ImPRESS Press-on Manicure Review

3 years ago

So a little while back I received my very first VoxBox from Influenster, the MapleVoxBox. In there I got one set of Broadway Nails ImPRESS Press-on Manicure in the colour Payback in the short length. Before I go on, this product was sent to me for review from Influenster.

ImPRESS Press-on Manicure is the `revolutionary way to apply polish.` Why you may ask? 1. It has no drying time! No glue is required at all; just peel the plastic tab and press on the nail. It`s as simple as that! 2. Superior, lasting shine! Even through a week`s worth of chores, these nails still shine as though you just put them on. 3. Easy removal! Just gently peel from the sides and remove or apply polish remover around the edges for one minute and peel off. Simple as that and no messes! 4. Lasts up to a week! Yes, you read that correctly, but it only applies if you applied `it correctly.`

What does one set comes with:
-24 nails in 12 different sizes
-One nail prep pad (rubbing alcohol)
-One tiny nail file

Something you should know, you can only use these nails once!

-Before applying, wash your hands and use the prep pad.
-After finding the right fit for all of my nails, I lined them up so it would be easier for me to apply. It is recommended that you apply these to all the nails but the thumbs; leave them for last. The plastic tab is meant to face your cuticle.
-What I found difficult was removing the plastic tabs that were there to protect the `special` adhesive. Whenever I would pull the tab, it would stretch and not remove. I recommend using tweezers to make the process easier and quicker.
-When you are pressing down the nail, make sure to apply pressure down both sides and the middle; this will help them stick on for longer.

-What I really like about these Broadway Nails ImPRESS Press-on Manicure was that they fit my tiny nails! It`s sometimes very difficult to find false nails that fit all my fingers!
-The only problem I had was the thumbs; no nails fit my thumbs correctly so I had to file a bit off in order to make them work.

Duration: (see picture 2 for details on wear of nails)
-I have worn these nails for a total of NINE days! (for all nails but for my index fingers)
-On the third day, I found that the false nail was coming off for my both of my index fingers. I waited till day five to remove them and apply a new false nail.
-On the eighth day, I found the nail around the cuticle area to be lifting. This happened for about five or six of my nails. But the worst nails to have lifting would be the index fingers! Three days from a new false nail and already lifting!
-On the ninth day, you can see wear on the tips of all nails. Wear was created throughout the nine days.
-I could have kept these on for longer than nine days but I decided to finally take them off since my hair would always get caught in the lifting areas around my cuticles. It was very annoying since it would cause my nails to be stuck and in order to remove them, I would have to tug and sometimes rip some of my hair out... :(

-It was fairly easy to remove these. I just simple peeled gently from both sides and popped off the false nail.
-The toughest nails to remove would be the thumbs, they just seemed to want to stay on for longer ha.
-There was some adhesive left on the nails when the false nails popped off. I simply just took some nail polish remover and rubbed it across my nails till it came off.
-I love how there was no big mess!

-I would recommend these to anyone who wants a quick and cheap way to get `salon nails.` Or anyone who wants to add some jazz to their outfit or compliment their daily outfit.
-There are multiple designs you can get; some are funky and bright, others are more natural like a French Manicure.
-You can find these at drugstores such as Walmart and are very affordable. (under $12 CAD)
-24 nails in 12 different sizes are great for fitting all nail widths!
-If you have longer nail beds naturally, you can find these in a medium length fit as well besides short.
-I like how these nails are made of a `rubber-like` material since the tips don`t snag on things like plastic ones. And they also don`t hurt if you scratch yourself ha.

Some of my friends thought I went and got my nails done when they saw these but I`m happy to say I didn`t! I saved myself a bit of cash and got some gorgeous nails that were wild and chic!

Picture one is when I first applied my nails. Picture two shows the wears and problems I came across throughout the nine days.

*Pictures belong to me*
*Product sent for review from Influenester*

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