Broadway Fashion Diva Mismatch Manicure Haul

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Today I went to Walgreens because I had some extra time and it was on the way home. I didn`t need anything from Walgreens. I was just curious to see what they would have in their clearance section. They didn`t really have much but they did have a couple of nail polishes on clearance. The only bad thing was that all the nail polishes that were in the clearance section were either dried up (as in there was NO MORE product in the bottle) or they were spilling from the top. I don`t know why Walgreens just won`t throw them away. I thought it was pretty deceiving selling empty nail polish bottles because if someone was rushing, they might not notice and end up buying it. What do you guys think? There wasn`t any other beauty products besides a couple of St. Patricks Day false lashes and this
Broadway Fashion Diva Mismatch Manicure, which I decided to buy. It was on clearance for $3USD but then reduced to $1USD plus tax! I thought that was a pretty good deal. I didn`t really need anymore false lashes but I thought these were cute since they were so colorful. They are all different colors ranging from lime green, orange, and pinks. I don`t know if I am going to end up keeping this or I might just decide to give it to one of my neices. What do you think? Should I keep it and wear them all in one manicure or should I try to figure out some sort of different nail look? Or should I just give it to one of my nieces? ==================================================================
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