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5 years ago

Hi everyone! I can across this unique shop that I have never seen before. It was a shop that exclusively sold things that you can only buy from the UK. It was quite cute actually. What attracted me to it would be the front of the shop. It looked like the telephone booths you find in England. Since the shop was quite small, I gave it a quick look around, and decided to settle down at the candy area. My sweet tooth could not resist. While browsing, I noticed that I have not seen 99% of the candy. Well it makes sense since it`s not sold in North America.

When I saw Curly Wurly, I literally died. I have tried it once when my English friend came to visit, but that was years ago. This chocolate bar is to die for. It is different than your standard chocolate bar since it`s not the "solid" rectangular bar. It looks like a triangular braid? The bar is made of a caramel centre that is covered in milk chocolate. The caramel is not very runny, instead it has a chewy texture to it. I decided to only get one bar, since the weekend will be filled with lots and lots of chocolate (due to Easter). But I will definitely pick more up later on.

I also picked up this candy stick in the flavour Strawberry & Cream Flavour Rock. This kind of reminds me of the standard candy sticks that you can buy at any candy store. Except this stick is 3 times thicker. I thought the stick would be hard, but actually it was quite soft and a bit chewy. It takes exactly like strawberries and cream; it`s a bit on the sweeter side.

I am very pleased with my purchase since I finally found Curly Wurly in Canada! Hurray! I also like the fact that I am able to try new and different foods that cannot be found anywhere else where I live. I will definitely go back and check out what else they have to offer.

Have you tried Curly Wurly? Do you want to?

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