British Chips Review!

2 years ago

Technically the title should be called `British Crisps` since English people call their chips crisps. Anyways, I decided to pay my local British shop a visit which was long due. I absolutely love how they carry things from the UK that can`t be found anywhere else like the Maoams I got.

If you`re thinking to yourself about how the Walkers label looks just like Lays you`re right. Walkers is actually just the UK version of Lays.


-Flavour: There were about four flavours to choose from, so I decided to try the Cheese & Onion flavour.

-Size: The store only sold 35g bags, which is about half the size you get in a vending machine. And is probably around the same size you would give out or receive on Halloween.

-Price: A 35g bag costs $1.60 before taxes. For such a small bag, the price is pretty high; I guess it can be justified since it`s imported in and you can`t find it else where. But if the bag was bigger, I would say it was worth the price.

-Taste: These chips taste pretty good, but honestly it was nothing special. Probably the closest flavour it relates to from Lays would be Sour Cream & Onion but with a hint of a cheesy taste or Old Dutch`s Cheddar & Sour Cream.

Overall, it was pretty cool to try these so I can `cross it off my bucket list` and be like I tried them before. But honestly I wouldn`t buy them again since they are overpriced here. If I visited the UK, I`d buy them since it`s probably a lot cheaper.

Have you tried Walkers before?

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