Bringing Organic Fruit For Lunch!

3 years ago

I don`t always bring lunch to work because my work day is actually over pretty early in the day, but on the days when I know I`ll end up being a bit more hungry, I try to bring something healthy (because lord knows those donuts in the conference room seem to want to call me name all the time...).

My fridge is stocked mostly with fruit. I always try to buy organic, too, but if I ever can`t, then I opt to buy locally grown fruit (for example, sometimes my grocery store stocks organic strawberries and sometimes it doesn`t... but it always has strawberries that are grown from the next town over!). For this particular lunch, I was able to have an all-organic fruit salad :)

I cleaned and cut up some strawberries and threw in some blueberries and blackberries. SO GOOD! I keep it in the fridge at work until the end of the day when we have `lunch` (again, our work day is over pretty early for a typical work schedule so most people don`t have lunch until they go home) and then chow down. I`ve always loved fruit and I want to start expanding my fruit horizons, lol. Where I live now, there are way more different kinds of fruits and I`m interested in trying them all!

What do you bring for lunch to work or school? Let me know!

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