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4 years ago

This is a homemade facial mask, which targets some common skin dilemmas such as <strong>zits, discoloration and dullness</strong> of skin.
It comprises of <strong>three main ingredients:</strong>

<strong>1) Fresh Tomato juice
2) Turmeric Powder
3) Freshly squeezed lemon juice</strong>


<strong>TIP:</strong> Tomatoes are almost always used at my house on a daily basis whether it be in the main course, in a salad or both. Often, especially in salads, I like to separate the pulpier inside and only use the firmer fruit. Instead of throwing away the pulp, I usually save it for a mask.

Grab a mixing bowl, add the tomato remains and squeeze the seeds and pulp with your fingers to release some of the juice. You can choose to leave the pulp or take it out and just use the juice. Mix a few drops of lemon and then add the turmeric powder until you have a consistency that will stay put on your face.
Now just apply and wait for about 20 mins or until dry before washing it off with water.

<strong>Here`s how it works:</strong>

<strong>Tomato:</strong> naturally occurring acids aid in exfoliation and thus enhance skin texture and tone

<strong>Lemon:</strong> lemon juice is known to be a brightening agent. It will help even out skin tone and give your skin a glow.

<strong>Turmeric Powder:</strong> this spice has anti-bacterial properties as well as helps fade areas of hyper-pigmentation. So essentially it will help combat breakouts as well as even out your skin tone.

I use this mask <strong>once weekly and sometimes even twice</strong> depending on the condition and appearance of my skin. For reference I have combination skin.

<strong>The ingredients mentioned above may cause some temporary dryness or may cause an allergic reaction for some. Please do a test patch to see how your skin reacts before applying it on your whole face.</strong>

<i>Note: Turmeric may stain your face yellow especially if you have a fair complexion. If you want to minimize the stain you can add some yogurt into the mix and the fatty deposits will help minimize this issue. Otherwise, if you don`t care and just plan on camping in at home, then don`t worry! After a couple of washes you will notice your complexion returning to normal.</i>

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