Bright Neon Nails + Romeo Update

4 years ago

When you are having a less than pleasant day (my puppy is really sick, please read previous post), painting your nails a fun, bright and cheery color can be a quick and easy pick-me-up. Normally, I would go for bright pinks in order to lift my spirits but this time I needed something a little brighter than that, to you know, hopefully brighten my day. They say positive thoughts attract positive things....let`s just hope this works.

When you were in elementary school, did you ever color your nails with a highlighter marker? Or even a white out pen? I know I did....I guess I`ve always been obsessed with nail polish and a little had to do with the fact my parents were really strict and did not allow me to paint my nails until I reached High School (crazy huh). Anyways, where was I going with this? Oh yes, highlighter.... well the color that I decided to paint my nails is the perfect highlighter yellow green (or chartreuse if you wish to be more specific).

Sinful Colors Neon Melon is a bright bright bright neon nail polish. When I say bright, I mean sunglasses worthy. It`s a pain in the butt to apply (but what neon polish isn`t) but after a few coats or so (or if you wan`t to cheat, apply white nail polish first) it will be opaque, bright and awesome.

I wish I had a tan because I am sure this color would look amazing on someone who has a tan!

Another downfall is that this nail polish dries matte (another problem with neons) but that is nothing a good top coat (seche vite) can`t fix!

You can find this nail polish at Walgreens or Target for $1.99 Or here:

***Romeo Update***
Romeo seems to be doing better. He is currently on day 3 of his parvo illness and he`s starting to eat and drink a little bit. My husband and I have kept a 24 hour watch on him and give him his IV fluids once a day and his parvo meds every 12 hours. He is such a strong little guy! I am almost positive he is going to make. He seems to be enjoying cooked chicken and brown rice as well as pedialyte. Wish him luck! Thank you to all of you who have kept him in your prayers. I am sure that your prayers are whats helping him fight this awful deadly disease! Thank you!

Romeo`s pic from 6 weeks ago (I can`t believe I don`t have a more recent one on my phone). He still looks the same though...just several weeks older =)

Do you like the neon trend? Would you paint your nails this color?

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