Breaking Dawn haul! Twi hard fan here!

5 years ago

This post is super late since I have been so busy for the past month or so. That being said.... DON`T JUDGE ME!!!

As soon as the date was set for the Breaking Dawn release I had it written down in my calendar, and set in my phone. I was excited for it to come out. Not only that but the day of its release Target would be staying open later than usual. They were going to have a special Breaking Dawn event in which they sold the movie at midnight and played a new scene from part 2.

Problem was, I was already at my friends house and I didn`t have a car. So I asked her of course if she wanted to go. She did!!!! We drove to the nearest Target to find out they weren`t doing it there. We had to drive another half hour to get there. What!?! I was so disappointed. I was going to miss the clip from the new movie!

We drove to the other one and by then it was 1am. I thought for sure it was over for me. I was heart broken I won`t lie. We walked in and were dirrected towards where they were holding the DVD`s. As we were walking back a lot of people were leaving. I had just missed it. Poo! I walked to the back and just stared at the T.V`s. Up popped Edward! Yeah! They were replaying it. FML! A group pf teens walked up and just wouldn`t shut up about how Edward was going to be their husband. Psh... Tough luck. I would be first in line! Lol. The clip was pretty borong to say the least. Just Edward and Bella speaking.

After it was over I walked over to where they handing out the DVD`s. They had them locked in a cage! It was that serious! I got the special edition. It came with an authentic flower from the wedding scene in a glass thin case. I can edit if anyone wants to see it. After I got that I walked to the section with all the Twilight items. I was bummed they were out of the books, but I got myself an Edward tshirt. Woot! Woot! I can wear it, hug myself, and its like I`m hugging him. Hahaha!

I know. I`m a huge dork, but I love their love story. Not their acting, nor the actual story line. But their love is what gets me.

Did you pick this up? Are you a fan or do you loathe it like many do?

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