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4 years ago

Breaking Bad is a tv show that seems to be around from time now ( it aired first in 2008) but only recently i found about it. Im surprised i didn`t read/heard more about it before because not only is a good show but its a very high rated one, you can check imdb to find a 9.5/10 score.

I recently finished watching season 1, but its a small season though with only 7 episodes but the next seasons are bigger with 13/12 episodes ( still, not a 22 ep. show unfortunately). It airs on AMC and its about a high school chem. teacher that used to be a very successful scientist but started teaching in school and found that he had lung cancer in a advanced stage. Unhappy with his life, the news about cancer and the money problems his family had that would increase with his decease he comes across a old student of his that his a drug dealer and both end up starting cooking and selling meth.
I don`t know much about what happens in the next seasons, but i do know that they keep making it and their "business" grows. This first season i feel that it was also a good introduction to the whole story and concept, we see how Walter starts in the drug business and i have to say i was expecting a bit more of a cliff hanger on the end of the season but they didn`t go that away.

Anyways, its a great show and i was really missing out on a good tv series. I really advice you to check it out!

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