Breakfast potatoes! MMM! LOL!

I have got to show off to you Luuuxies how simple and good making a great breakfast can be. Usually, when I`m super lazy and dumb I will simply make an oatmeal, coffe and eggs. Good, but still, we can do even better! LOL!

This is something I just came up on. I`m sure it`s been made before, so I`m definitely not claiming I invented it, but I did just make em` out of the blue. Now they`ve become one of our favorite breakfasts here at home.

Simply dice some potatoes in to small squares, start up a small steamer. Put the potatoes in the steamer. Maybe fifteen minutes (15) will do.

Before the potatoes are ready cook up some bacon and make it nice and crispy, take it out of the pan, and chop it in to itty-bitty pieces. lol.

Now that the potatoes are ready, toss them in to the hot oil that the bacon left behind, leave them there, don`t mess with them until they`ve gotten a golden brown cook to them! We want them nice and tanned!

Then start mixing them until they are evenly golden. Then add your favorite herb on top of them and stir. Don`t forget the bacon bits and some mozarella cheese.

Once on the place, add some ranch. MMM So good!

My pic, do not take.

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