Breakfast: Papaya

5 years ago

I am in love with Papaya! Though I do hate all the seeds in the middle because a lot of times when I try to scoop them out I accidentally take some of the flesh which means less papaya for me. But, it has a very unique flavor compared to the other fruits. As well, I like how it is slightly bitter which I used to hate but now it has grown on me. Today I accidentally scooped too low and I got the flesh that is really bitter and I had to eat something else to get the taste out of my mouth. Speaking of that, I am sure you can tell I basically scooped out the papaya like as if it was a watermelon. I guess it is kind of odd since the papaya peel is thin and flimsy and can`t really act as a bowl, but I was too lazy to peel it and then cut it up. It was easier to just scoop it out.

I am sad that I don`t have any papaya left. Whenever I eat papaya it reminds me of this time where I was on vacation and the breakfast buffet at the hotel had papaya juice that came right from the fruit. It was soo good and sometimes I would mix it with the pineapple or the other tropical fruit drinks and it was amazing!

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