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4 years ago

It is still early in the day, but I have already had my breakfast and taken photos, so why not post them up? I have been doing some serious calorie counting (on instructions from my endocrinologist). What I have been doing is enjoying the bulk of my calories in my breakfast so I have the entire rest of the day to burn them off. My entire days calories I have been sticking to just at 1,200. Before anyone jumps the gun and starts telling me I`m eating far too few calories. For the average person, yes, that would be too few. For a diabetic and/or hypothyroid, it is the appropriate amount. Further, this is what my specialist has set me at.

I am not doing any kind of extreme dieting and avoiding foods I enjoy. I am just more aware of the dietary info on each food. I am forced to make wiser decisions about my foods, too, since the calorie count is set rather low. Something like a donut would cost me too many calories to be worth it. I choose something healthier and heartier that would put me at the same calorie count.

With that out of the way, this is what I had for breakfast today. Normally I have 2 eggs scrambled. Today I decided to beef it up a bit, though, and have an omelette. This put me at 398 calories. That is quite a big higher than what I usually have for breakfast because of the cheese and ham.

I started by mixing up 2 eggs with a tablespoon of milk. I added a bit of salt and pepper into the mix along with some chopped green onions. That went into a hot pan to cook up. While that was cooking I chopped up some ham slices. I went back to my pan and flipped the eggs. I then tossed in the ham and American cheese to one side of the egg layer. I folded over half of it to close in the other ingredients. I let it cook until it had a bit of browning on it.

This was actually more than I probably needed. it was extremely filling for me. I could have easily cut it in half and used only one egg and reduced the other ingredients by 50%, too, and been completely satisfied.

OH, keep in mind, my calorie count also includes my morning vitamins (yup, gotta count those, too!), and my coffee.

Because I know a lot of people do carb counting, if you are..then this would put you at 7 carbs on your breakfast. (2 for the cheese, 3 for ham, 1 for onion, none for eggs, 1 for the milk)


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