Breakfast of the Day: McDonald`s!

5 years ago

I love McDonald`s breakfast, I rarely ever have it, but it reminds me of when I was a little kid and my mom would occasionally get McDonald`s breakfast for me whenever she had to take me to work with her. My dad also used to get me the Big Breakfast before my morning piano classes back when I was a kid. So eating a McDonald`s breakfast just reminds me of those days and makes me happy (:

I got this Big Breakfast...which really isn`t that big anymore. I got the Breakfast plate with eggs, sausage, and a biscuit. I got the meal, so I also get a hashbrown and a medium orange juice. All of this was a little under $6, which is definitely a lot more than what we used to pay back in the day!

I don`t really like their orange juice, but it`s better than their other juices and it`s good to have a drink to wash down the meal. Their hashbrowns aren`t as good as they used to be because the McDonald`s I go to now, I feel like they always burn it a little, so it just has a weird burnt taste to it. The eggs are made from powder mixture I think, and they taste pretty good with a little salt and pepper. My favorite part would have to be the sausage patty; I love morning sausage links, but in this patty form, it tastes even better! The biscuits are pretty good, they don`t serve it with those dry ones anymore, it`s the same biscuit they use for the Sausage Egg McMuffin, so I love that with some strawberry jam.

Overall, a pretty good breakfast! <strong>What do you usually order when you go to McDonald`s?


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