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4 years ago

So after yesterday`s venture with my steak and eggs omlette (check it out here:, I decided to keep cooking and maybe I will be super good at it. My boyfriend usually is the one who cooks, so I`m trying to beat him at his own game since he always complains I can`t cook and everytime I cook, he claims he gets sick LOL! So today I decided to try my hand at making egg in a basket/toad in a hole/whatever else its called, which is basically a whole egg (not beaten) encased in the middle of a piece of bread. This was my first time, so I kinda over-cooked the egg a bit but oh wells!

<strong><em>Ingredients I used:</em></strong>
<ol> <li>A slice of bread (doesn`t matter what kind, white or whole wheat)</li> <li>1 egg (unbeaten)</li> <li>Margarine</li> <li>Salt</li> <li>Pepper</li> </ol>

<strong><em>What I did:</em></strong>
<ol> <li>In your slice of bread, cut a hole in the middle of your slice of bread, you can either use a knife, or if you have cookie cutters, you can use that too!</li> <li>Once you`ve made a hole in your slice of bread, take some margarine and cover both side of you bread.</li> <li>On medium heat, heat the frying pan until hot and then turn it onto low heat and place your piece of bread on the pan.</li> <li>If you`re pro at cracking eggs then you can just crack it right into the hole, but if you like me who would probably break the yolk, I cracked it into a measuring cup, then checking my piece of bread if it was lightly toasted, I poured my egg into the hole.</li> <li>The I waited for my egg to cook, while at the same time making sure that my toast wasn`t being burned. During this time, take the leftover piece of bread (the part that was the hole) and toast it with margarine, that will be your `lid`.</li> <li>When you feel like the egg is halfway cooked, carefully flip your egg in a basket/toad in a hole/whatever you call it so that the other side of your bread can toast up as well.</li> <li>Serve it up!</li> </ol>

So obviously, from the photos, I kinda failed because the yolk broke open while I was flipping it over! And I also overcooked the egg a bit, I was hoping for it to be like a sunny-side up egg with the yolk a bit raw, but mines was like a fully cooked all the way through haha! Since I`ve started to cook a bit, its not as hard as I thought it was, well maybe because I making the easier things haha! But this is a simple breakfast idea that I think is pretty filling :D

<strong>*The one thing I hate about this dish is the name, there are like a bazillion names for this haha!</strong>

What do you think? Have you tried egg in a basket/toad in a hole/whatever you call it?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)

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